Friday, August 29, 2008

6 Quirks

I've been tagged by my friend Becky to post 6 quirks about myself. I asked Gus last night to help me think of some and he wouldn't shut up, just kidding. Here are some things that you may or may not know about me.

1- I HATE my feet being touched and I hate people's feet touching me (not too much cuddling going on in my bed!) I think it all stems back to my big sis popping my toes when I was little. Yes Jen, I am blaming this one on you!

2- I have to have things symmetrical. From pictures on my wall to things on my counter, they all have to be balanced. I even tell people that 3 kids are good because it is symmetrical. One in the middle with one on each side!

3- My kitchen has to be clean before I go to bed. This one is from my mom. I was kinda bad at this when I was pregnant, but it has gotten better. I can't sleep knowing my kitchen is dirty.

4- I put salt on my ham fried rice. Yes, we can say so-di-um, but it is so much better than soy sauce and so tasty! Try it some time.

5- Everything of mine is one the right. I didn't realize this until I got married, but I am very 'right'. Haha. If you look at our bed, I sleep on the right. If you look at our closets, mine is on the right. My stuff is in the right side of the medicine cabinet. I pack things in the right side of a suitcase. Weird, huh?

6- I love the smell of dirt and even craved it when I was pregnant with Alivia. I love when they plow fields and I can smell the wet dirt. I think this goes back to my childhood when I did a little more than make mud pies!

Okay, now I tag Heidi, Jen, Holly(who needs her own blog), Bonnie, Melanie M., Lois, Janet, Laura, Darlyn, Felicia, Hailey and Elaine!


Melanie and Spencer said...

I wish I had Quirk #3!!I spend so much time in my kitchen, yet it's always the messiest room in my house! Aaaagh!

Webb Family said...

Maybe that is what is wrong with you; eating too much dirt when you where a child. :)

Paul and Jennifer Gurule said...

Ha ha!! I scarred you for life!!! =) =)

Becky said...

I remember the feet thing about you. Funny! I always feel like my house cleaning has to start witht he kitchen. I sleep better if my kitchen is clean too.