Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fair Fun

We went to the famous Eastern Idaho State Fair on Monday. It had just rained and it was wet and muddy, but the same ol' fair! We went through and saw the animals first. Parker didn't even want to get out of the stroller. He was mad because the guy at the gate gave him a stamp on his hand and he did not like that! Then we met up with Mom, Dad, Holly, Kris, and Kaiden and did the best thing at the fair--EAT! I love going with a lot of people then you can taste all different kinds of food and not eat the whole thing. We had foot long corn dogs, hamburgers, scone bites, tiger ears, funnel cakes, cotton candy, lemonade, carmel apples and my favorite--cinnamon glazed almonds. That sounds like a lot of food that is not good for me, but I only tasted from others (except that foot long corn dog was all mine) and it only comes once a year!


Becky said...

I love the fair. The Iowa State fair is one of the best in the nation and they even have, get this, fried candy bars. I never had one, but they looked good. They put candy bars on sticks like corn dogs and dipped them in some kind of batter and fried them, then sprinkled them with powdered sugar.

Melanie said...


Bonnie B. said...

I totally missed fair food this year. We usually go to the Cassia County Fair, because it's FREE. We have a problem with paying to walk around, so we haven't been to the EIST for a loooong time. And we never went to the fair in Twin. It was like 7 bucks to get in! Anyway....I miss fair food!