Friday, September 19, 2008


Okay, it's premier time on TV! Starting Monday, my DVR is full of shows to record! I am so excited. Gus and I watch our shows after the kids go to bed. They are coming just in time since Monk and Psych are done 'til January. Here are some of our faves:

Heroes had such a short-lived season last year because of the writer's strike. Hailey was the one who got us hooked on this show. It's great, and I am so excited about the new season!
This is our new favorite show. You really have to be in the white-trash frame of mind to watch it. For anyone who watches it regularly--I laugh every time I hear "Time After Time" and think of when Randy sang it in Spanish: "Spanish, spanish, spa-an-nish". I just about peed my pants!

I love watching this show because it gives me some motivation. I need all I can get right now! I love seeing people change for the better and there are some really good tips. I have to admit that I like the drama that come with it too!
Those are our favorites. We are also wanted to watch Pushing Daisies and Knight Rider. Do you have any shows that you think we should see?


Webb Family said...

I have to admit that I am addicted to LOST. I love all the mystery involved. It keeps you guessing. Jory even likes it and he isn't into those kind of shows. We also like the Alaska Experiment.

Felicia said...

We must be related or something because our DVR is totally packed too. Heroes is the show I'm most excited about but we also have Dancing With the Stars, all the CSI's, Biggest Loser, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Pushing Daisies (love that show), The Office, Ghost Whisperer, and Numbers. We also love Monk and Psych (as you know) but anther good one that is at the same time as those two is Burn Notice. I also really like Eli Stone. Can you tell I watch a lot of TV? What would I do without DVR?

The Thayns said...

I love Biggest loser too!! Its really packed full of tips! In our house we like the comedy's, so we are excited for 'The Office' to start!

Paul and Jennifer Gurule said...

CSI doubt about it.