Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pinewood Derby, Baby!

Zach had his first Pinewood Derby on Tuesday. Boy was he excited! He wanted a skateboard for his racecar. I think that was all Zach contributed! He did get to spray paint it and help a little with the construction. Coming from a family of all girls, I never experienced the Pinewood Derby. I guess it's a big deal! I would have just given Zach the car and let his whittle it out of wood and slap some paint on it!!! I'm sure glad that he had his dad to help him!
He won his first race. It actually sped down the track. Then he lost his 2nd race and raced one more time. He loved it, but was sad he won. He takes losing hard. I guess that's something we have to work on. In the end, it was fun and he is thinking about his car for next year!