Wednesday, August 19, 2009


It seems lately that I have only been blogging about trips lately, but in reality our normal life is actually kinda boring. Last week we took a much needed vacation to Seattle. We haven't been on a real vacation for a long time. We had this planned back in March. Gus' mom and dad went with us. They are so much fun to go on vacation with. (This will probably be a long post, so if you want to skip all my journaling, then you can just look at the pictures).

Monday we flew out of Boise. We got great prices on tickets and figured that it would beat spending the time fighting the little ones in the car for 12 hours or so. Zach was so excited to be on a plane; Parker not so much. He sat next to Gus and gripped the armrests. Gus asked him if he wanted to look out the window. No. Gus asked him if he wanted to see the tires. No. Gus asked him if he wanted to let got of the arm rests. No. It was quite comical. He didn't like the turbulence that much either. Alivia fell asleep with Grandma.
We arrived safely in Seattle and had most of the day to do what we wanted. We went to the Space Needle. This became Parker's favorite attraction in Seattle. Everywhere we went he had to spot it. Here we are on top. Sorry the picture's bad and you can't see the city.

After that we had to get food. We were staying in a condo and figured that we could get food for breakfast and snacks at a grocery store. Finding a grocery store in downtown Seattle is not an easy task! Driving in downtown Seattle is a nightmare. My advice to anyone wanting to drive in downtown Seattle is to buy a good map with one ways on it! We eventually came to a Safeway...but not just any Safeway...a Safeway with a parking lot in a parking garage. We had to go up the elevator and back down with our cart full of food. I've decided that I take our nice spreading landscape for granted!

Tuesday we got to go to the Museum of Flight. This is a way cool museum filled with all kinds of airplanes, space stuff, helicopters and pretty much anything that flies. The kids loved it. Well, Alivia spent most of her time strapped in a stroller and it wasn't much fun for her. She was a trooper though.

After that we had to take in a Mariner's baseball game. They played the Chicago White Sox and lost. We had really good seats, thanks to Gus. We were right down by the field. Zach and Parker had a blast. They really got into it. Zach loved the game and Parker loved all the snacks!

Wednesday we went to Pike's Market and on a harbor tour of Seattle. The tour guide was talking about Safeco Field and said that they have to heat the grass during the winter with heaters that run under the ground. So crazy. I wish that I could go to Pike's Market every day and get a bunch of fresh flowers for my house. They are only $5 a bunch and so pretty. I love the smell. You can walk along and smell beautiful flowers, then the next thing you smell is fish from all the fresh fish they bring there. It's pretty amazing.

Thursday we visited the Science Museum. This place is amazing. Five buildings that are dedicated to science all for kids. We visited dinosaurs, a butterfly garden, watched stars in the planetarium, and watched a 3D movie about the oceans. The most interesting exhibit was called Grossology--the study of gross things. The kids learned all about gross things from their body and from animals. They learned what different animal's poop looks like. Pretty cool. I bought the book. All gross things so if you ever want to know anything gross, just contact me! I won't post the picture of the fake poop in the toilet! This picture is in the butterfly gardens with butterflies on the plate eating the juices of a fruit. I promise that's what it is!

Thursday night we were hooked up with awesome tickets for the Mariners vs. Yankees ball game. We were in the All-Star club suite. This allowed us to watch the game in a suite and have service to a fully stocked buffet. It was amazing. The seats had a table in front of them where you could watch the game and eat. The service was awesome. They took good care of the kids and kept them entertained and fed.

Friday we toured Safeco field and they got to stand on the field and sit in the dugout. Then we went to the Seattle Aquarium that was on the pier. The boys loved the octopus and Alivia loved watching all the fish. We saw otters and sea lions and sharks. So much fun.

It was so sad to leave. I love Seattle and I loved spending time with my family. We had so much fun and were so busy all the time that I kinda feel like I have nothing to do now! This will be our last major vacation for awhile. Gus is starting his Master's program so we will be broke for 2 years!! Oh well. One of our very favorite vacation sites for sure!!