Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Wrap up

Yes, we still are alive. I have not been good at blogging at all. That's one of my new year's resolutions. That and start a scripture journal. And lose weight. And do more family history. Anyway, here' a recap of what has been going on these last months:
We celebrated Halloween:
Yes, we did even though I hate the holiday. Zach and Parker were the Knights who saved Princess Alivia from the Evil Dragon Cooper:

Yeah, REAL Scary!!

We spent Thanksgiving at Mamoo's and Papa's in Rigby. I didn't take pictures of that one, but I usually don't take pictures of us after we have gorged ourselves with good food. We did start one thing that I would like to use as tradition: we did our Black Friday shopping in our jammies, online, while drinking hot chocolate and eating popcorn. So much better!

Parker celebrated his 6th birthday! Wow he went from this to this in like two seconds!!

He got to have his first friend party at Outer Limits. He had a blast with his cousins and friends. His birthday cake was a lego construction sight. Complete with a dump truck and bulldozer. It was really fun to make.

Zach got to play basketball this winter. His team was the Orange Crush. Truley the other teams always crushed them, but they were so fun to watch!! I love when it's not such a big deal to be the best. They just play to have fun. (He totally posed for this picture. He 'acted' surprised that I got him!)

Just before Christmas, GUS PASSED HIS FNP BOARDS!!!! After 2 years of hard work and 4 times taking the test, he finally passed. He is a legite Family Nurse Practitioner. I am so proud of him! I know that there was a lot of help from Heavenly Father!! There is a saying "Trust in the Lord means trust in His timing" that keeps going through my head. This really was one of those times! It all happened when it was supposed to and we did learn a great deal of patience and faith from this. Many prayers were answered. Thank you to all of you who remembered him!

Christmas came and went in a blink!! The kids opened their presents, we went to Sacrament meeting (I love Christmas on Sundays) and then we went to help serve lunch at the Salvation Army. That was a good experience! It was slow and it seemed like the people didn't really want to talk a whole bunch, but it was good to get out of our little comfort zone and help others.

So as I look back on this year, I see that the Lord's hand is in all things. I am so truly blessed with my wonderful family and friends. I am so grateful for my Savior and all that He has done for me. I love the Lord and know that through Him all things are possible!

 Happy 2012!!