Friday, September 5, 2008


My sis Heidi tagged anyone who read her post to take pictures of their REALITY. Since I am an avid blogger now, I will accept this challenge! Well here is mine: (I really debated whether I wanted to post this pic of Parker)

I censored it for family viewing. My REALITY is that I hate potty training enough that I just let him run around outside naked! At least he is not peeing in his diaper. It even got bad enough that he was playing outside tonight with only his Pull-up on! Yes, in front of neighbors who drove by thinking that we are total white trash!! I finally did make him put clothes on when I finished nursing and dinner and everything else!! But the thing is that I let him outside in front of people like that!

My other REALITY is my room. I cannot keep the area around the TV clean:
This area is such a catch all and I am so embarrassed by it. I just don't do anything about it because no one can see it unless they enter my room and look behind them! My REALITY is that we have too much junk!!
I now tag anyone who reads this to post their REALITY. We are only human after all!!


Webb Family said...

OH MY HECK!!!! WHAT A CUTE LITTLE STINKER. That is way too funny. Thanks for joining in my little corny tag. You should be proud of me because I did come up with it all by myself.

Janet said...

Love the picture of Parker! Sorry your entertainment center is not nearly as messy as mine. My reality is way too messy to post. I just close my eyes and pretend I don't toss things on top of my kitchen cupboards- for extra storage, taking things away from the kids, things I just don't know where the heck to put.

hollyb said...

LOVE IT!!! Kaiden is here cracking up!