Friday, August 22, 2008

Zach's First Day

Okay, Heidi, here is a new post. So demanding! Have you noticed that since we've been blogging we haven't talked on the phone as much? We are turning into introverts and won't know how to communicate with people face to face!

Anyway, Zach started school today. Yesterday was the first day in the district, but Kindergartners had orientation. Zach was supposed to be going to Tendoy, but there were too many kids and so they had the overflow go to an afternoon session at Syringa. I honestly don't know how Zach was part of that overflow, but oh well. This district is messed up. Laura works at Syringa and pulled some strings to get us into a morning class. I am so glad she did! His teacher is Mrs. Swan and seems really cool.

We took him over today and when we left, Parker was crying. He wanted Zach to come with us. It was kinda hard leaving my oldest in the hands of strangers. I kept worrying about him. Would he find good friends? Would he be alone? Who would he play with? I shouldn't have worried because when we picked him up, he was saying good bye to his buddies in his class. He's just like Gus! I signed up for PTA and was put in charge of Teacher Appreciation. If anyone has ideas, let me know! I think it will be a good year for Zach and give me the chance to be involved in school again!


Melanie and Spencer said...

Yay! I'm so glad his first day went well. I'm not surprised, though, he's a pretty sociable kid. Good luck, Zach! That's cute that Parker didn't want Zach to go. I think I will be a complete wreck when Kimby goes to Kindergarten in a couple of years!

Webb Family said...

That's great that Zach had a good first day. I can't believe that he and Kaiden are in kindergarten!! When can I send Madie. :)

Paul and Jennifer Gurule said...

I remember when Zach was born!! Now he is kindergarten. Tell him he looked good on his first day and to be careful because little girls like red heads with freckles.

Becky said...

That is crazy that you have a kindergartener. He looks so big for his first day of school. I think that the school transition for kids is easier on the children than the parents.