Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Potty Training a Dog???

Tonight I was sweeping my kitchen floor after dinner (okay, not really right after dinner; it was after I had gone to JoAnn Fabrics after dinner, found some cute stuff...but that's another story). Parker was playing with a stuffed dog, one of those Fur Real things, and he said that he peeed on him. He ran to the bathroom and I heard the toliet lid open. I grabbed my camera and snuck in on him. Here is what I found:

The little munchkin was making his dog go potty--even the right way. This is so frustrating to me because it has been an uphill battle trying to potty train him (Parker, not the dog). He is just not interested, but apparently he totally understands the whole poop and pee thing. I am just short of letting Parker run around naked so he will go in the toliet, but knowing him he will find a little corner and do his business and not do it in the toliet. ARGGGHHH!!! Any helpful hints will sure be appreciated! I guess I've successfully potty trained a stupid toy dog. Forget about the 2 year old!


Paul and Jennifer Gurule said...

Well at least he has the right idea! I remember thats what we did with Ben...let him run around naked...it worked. The potty treats worked good too. Everytime they did their business in the potty they got to pick a treat out of the potty jar.

Webb Family said...

Parker, Parker. You naughty little boy. :) Isn't it frustrating that he knows how to do it but he won't? I guess he has the Jones stubborness.