Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How to get help at Wal-mart

From my experience today, here is a sure fire way to get employees to help a customer for a 5:1 ration.

1. Get a quart of paint--apple red to match my kitchen for touch up.
2. Have lady mix it, dry it and tap on the lid.
3. Put in cart in the child seat because it is empty (children are with dad at home, yea!)
4. Do some more shopping in fabric section.
5. Get some material cut.
6. Put material in cart and start to push.
7. Watch as the red paint slides through the leg hole of the child seat and watch it fall to the floor, spilling all of its contents as it lands upside down.
8. Silently curse under your breath and tell the lady it spilled.
9. Have lady call in help over the page system so everyone in Wal-Mart knows that there is a major spill in fabrics.
10. Blush with embarrassment as 5 employees quickly gather around to help. Help clean up the globs of paint.

Guaranteed to get employees around you in 3 minutes or less! Welcome to Wal-Mart!!!


hollyb said...

I'm sorry your day has been bad. Sorry, I did laugh at the paint spill. I can picture it in my mind.

Janet said...

So sorry you had such a mess. At least you didn't have kids to get in it too!

Webb Family said...

You should have gone and yelled at the paint guy for not closing your lid tight enough. :) At least you didn't have to clean it up, but it still would have been embarrasing. How did your countertops turn out?

Webb Family said...

it is scrapblog.com, sorry

Bonnie B. said...

You poor thing!! Did you get any on you? It is kinda funny, though!

Becky said...

I'm sure you were sooo glad that you didn't have the kids. Red, nice color for a kitchen, but looks like blood all over the Walmart floor, not good!