Thursday, February 5, 2009

Strange..but true

I know that every one's kids say the darnest things, but mine are sooooo weird! My kids have been sick with cough and runny noses. Parker doesn't like to see boogers on anyone or he starts to gag. Zach had some on his nose and Parker started to gag. Here's our conversation:

Parker: Mom(gag), Zach(choke) has(gurgle) boogers!
Mom: Zach, blow your nose.
Zach: Why, you eat your boogers, Parker.
Parker: Yeah, but not your boogers.

Here's an example of what kids' minds really pick up. We were practicing Zach's spelling words:

Mom: 'We'...We are the Blads.
Zach: w-i-i (in all seriousness)
Mom: WHAT???!!

I hope all school children don't spell we like the video game! Help us all!


heidi said...

Oh my gosh!!! How funny! Parker would have loved the nice brown boogie Madie pulled out of her nose last night. Kids are gross.

hollyb said...

Parker cracks me up!!! Love Zach's spelling. You need to come up!!!!

Melanie and Spencer said...

Your kids make me laugh!

Paul and Jennifer Gurule said...

How stinking funny. I needed the laugh today.

Becky said...

That is just great! I love the wii spelling. Andrew and I were laughing when Hazel was learning to say words from the GPS in the car as it would give us driving directions. I guess kids really do learn some interesting things from technology.