Monday, October 27, 2008

Soccer Season

I as thought about what to post, I realized that I had not posted any pictures of Zach playing soccer. His team was the Green Three-Headed Dragons. Sounds totally like 6 and 7 years made that name up! There were quite a few kids on this team this year. They actually learned how to play positions and weren't all running for the ball. It was great fun to watch.

Last week we were really busy. I am the activities chairman so I have to plan and prepare our ward party with my committee. We had dinner and a carnival. The kids loved it. Gus and Parker were also sick with some stomach stuff, so that wasn't fun. Tonight we are carving pumpkins. It just seems Halloween should be over by now!! It is not one of my favorite holidays. Teaching ruined it for me!


Paul and Jennifer Gurule said...

Did his team get to pick their name? That is too cute. You know if people didn't commercialize holidays so much I think they would all be funner. I mean I hate seeing Halloween stuff out in July and Christmas stuff out in September. It ruins it for me.

Melanie said...

I agree!!!

Janet said...

Love the picture of Zach a true man! loves soccer!