Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Gus had his 29th birthday on Saturday. I know..he is so old! Here is a top ten list of things that we love about Gus: (with help from Zach and Parker)

10- His sense of humor
9- His wallet (Parker's answer)
8- How he teaches the gospel. (Zach)
7- How he plays with us. (Zach & Parker)
6- He is a handy man (although plumbing is not his forte)
5- He loves to shop! (We fight about who gets to go out the day after Thanksgiving!)
4- He cleans my house and does laundry.
3- He always looks at the glass half full.
2- He tries new things.
1- He always puts his family first.

We love you, Gus!!
We got to spend the weekend in Island Park for his birthday. It was so beautiful there. My parents, in-laws, and sisters all got to be there with us. We had so much fun riding 4 wheelers and little dirt bikes. We also went to Big Springs and on a picnic at Red Rock. Thanks everyone for a fun time!!


hollyb said...

We love you Gus!!

Webb Family said...

You forgot how he can get the party going! Thanks for sharing your weekend with us. We need to do it more often.

Janet said...

Happy Birthday Gus!
Sorry we're so lame and didn't even remember. oh but we were the other couple for Allan jr.'s double date for the homecomming dance!

Paul and Jennifer Gurule said...

Happy birthday you old man you!! Ha ha just kidding. I am actually jealous because I miss being under 30. I am also jealous because I miss the mountains and the fall colors this time of year. Here in the desert we have brown and browner!!

The Thayns said...

How fun! Its fun to see the pictures!

Webb Family said...

Cute new family pic!!