Monday, February 7, 2011

It's a Boy!!!

Yeah! It's another boy! Today we went in for our ultrasound and were way surprised! Gus was sure that this was another girl, and so did I because I have been so sick, but secretly wanted another boy. Everyone else thought it was a girl too. This little one is so active. My other babies weren't this busy during the ultrasound. The tech actually had a hard time getting some pictures because the baby kept moving! He kept flashing his boy parts, so there is no doubt this is a little boy! He is about 12 oz. and my due date has moved to June 28! I think I will go with that date from now on!
I am so excited! I would have loved another girl, but boys are so much easier! I do feel bad that Alivia doesn't get to have a sister, but she will be able to hold her own! We gave the kids each a blue sucker and had them guess what we were having. Zach is really excited. Parker is okay with it and Alivia is kinda oblivious at what is going on. She just liked the sugar. We are super excited and blessed to welcome another little one into our home.


Bonnie B. said...

Congrats!!!! We are so happy and excited for you! Can't wait to meet this new little Blad! Love You!

hollyb said...

Can't wait to snuggle that little boy!!!!!

Becky said...

Congrats on another little guy.