Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh to be 7!

Zachary is seven today! Holy cow, where did that time go?? This is one of the few digital baby pictures that I have of Zach before we got our camera. Crazy to think that we didn't have digital cameras back then!

Seven years ago Zach was born at Bannock Regional with a full head of red hair. The nurses combed a part down the middle and smoothed it over. It was so cute! He was such an easy baby kinda like he is today.

Zach got to have a friends party this year at Outer Limits. He didn't get one last year because I was just praying that Alivia wouldn't be born on his birthday! He invited friends from school and friends from our ward. They played and played and had a blast. It was fun. Here is the little cheeseball now (he's red from playing):

We love you Zach. Happy birthday!


heidi said...

Happy birthday Zach. I hope Madie got to wish him a happy birthday. I love that picture of him when he was a baby. So sweet.