Thursday, May 14, 2009


Well, life is finally getting back to normal. We are still in a mess downstairs since we got our carpet. I haven't made my way through everything yet. I got my computer back so I can finally post pictures, and I am done teaching Kindergarten. I did have a blast doing that. I miss teaching, but I love staying home with my little ones. It's hard working and keeping up with housework, callings and everything else.

So, here is my Mother's Day present:

I was so impressed with Gus. He hasn't been the best Mother's Day giver before (he has totally not gotten anything for me from the kids before), but I forgave him for his mistakes. I woke up and saw these cute pots on the table. The poem reads:

For Our Mother
In these pots you can see
Is some dirt and a seed like me.
So feed it, nourish it, and care for the seed in here,
And soon you will see the potential that lives in there.
So protect it from insects, bugs and bees,
So it can bloom where it is planted, just like me.
Gus had each little one paint a pot and then put their handprint on it. Gus said he then planted a whole pack of seeds in each one. They are so cute. The first thing I asked him was what blog he got the idea from! He totally wrote the poem himself (with a little help from his mom). I am so proud. The kids still talk about painting their pots. So cute! I'm so proud to be their mom!


Deanna Munoz said...

You should be, they are such cute kids. What an awesome hubby you have! LOVE IT!

Bonnie B. said...

So sweet.

hollyb said...

What a neat idea! Good job Gus.

Janet said...

That' so cute! It's great to have Lois as a mil if the boys ask she will always come up with something great!

Becky said...

Way to go Gus! What a special Mother's Day surprize.