Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer 2011

So I promise that we did have a summer this year! Here is a top 10 list of things we did this summer:

1- Had a baby (and a very cute one, may I say!)

2- Celebrated the 4th of July. (Pocatello is not my favorite place to go, nor will we stay here again. The parade was awful, but the fireworks were all right.)

3- Spent some time in Island Park with the Jones' and some really big ANTS!

4-Parker and Alivia took swim lessons.

5- Played in the water- a lot!

6- Had the Blad reunion at Steadman's in Raft River.

7- Played with cousins.

8- Blessed the cute baby.

9- Visited the Dinosaur Park in Ogden.

10- Visited Temple Square.

I know that sounds like a pretty lame summer, but we didn't have the funds to go somewhere extravagant. I have to admit that this summer has been very stressful. Gus is waiting to take his boards again after he didn't pass. He is studying like mad!! Money has also been tight because we had that cute baby. My hospital bill was $6000! Thank goodness for insurance and thank goodness my husband works at the hospital. I am very grateful for his job. All in all, the kids didn't let anything deter them from entertaining themselves. Oh, to be a kid again!


heidi said...

Finally an update! I think you have a pretty cute baby too! Why was your hospital so much?! That is crazy.