Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy 9th Zach!

It's really hard to believe that 9 years ago we brought home this little guy:I remember Zach was born with lots of hair. The nurses in the hospital combed it over and loved it. His red hair has been a favorite of a lot of people-especially old people. They love to touch it and remember their brother or uncle or dad with red hair. We love his red hair too! It fits his personality.

We kept his birthday pretty low key for this year. I didn't feel much like having a huge party while I'm 9 months pregnant! He had to go to school, but it was his last day so they got to go roller skating and watch movies. Gus took in ice cream sandwiches to his class and then took him out to lunch to Bamboo Gardens.

That night we had our friends over for cake and ice cream. He wanted a skateboard cake. After researching options this is what we came up with:
He got a new bike, shirts, Legos, a water gun, and a new hamster. We wrapped up the cage and put a fake hamster in it so he could go later and pick out his own. It was funny to see his face when he unwrapped it. He has been wanting a pet forever and we finally decided on a hamster. Partly because we got the cage and everything from Laura (thanks Laura!). We'll see how he takes care of it. Then we might move to something bigger!

Happy Birthday Zach! We love you and the spirit that you bring into our family. I'm so glad that you were born first to help take care of the rest of us!!


heidi said...

Oh good you didn't get a rat! :) We will have to come see his new pet.