Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy 9th, Babe

Today is our 9th wedding anniversary. Really, 9 years!! Where does the time go? We like to celebrate using the traditional gift ideas. This year it was pottery and willow. Last year it was pottery and bronze, so we painted ceramic pottery last year. We really didn't want to do that again so we had to use our imaginations!
For the pottery part, I decided that pottery was made from minerals. And a great way to enjoy minerals is to go soak in the mineral pools at Lava. It was so great and very relaxing! We then went to an amazing Thai food place there in Lava. I've only had Thai food one other time, but this was definitely a place that we are going to go back to. Then we watched the movie "Willow" for the willow part--you know that corny 80's flick with the baby. Anyway time sure flies by! I am so grateful that I married Gus. He truly is my best friend. I love him more now then I did 9 years ago, and I can't wait until we're married 50 years to see how our love has grown!! I am so grateful for all he does for me. I love you Gus!