Wednesday, September 16, 2009

LDS Handouts

In all of my spare time (haha) I decided to start a new blog. Yeah, I like blogging and wish I had more time. No, this blog is where I am just posting my handouts that I have made for Young Women lessons on Photoshop. I wanted to share them because our girls love them. We have Sunday Journals and these handouts that I've made fit nicely inside. I like to have them printed as a picture at Walgreens but you can also put them into a Word document and print them off at home. Anyway, for any of you that are interested the blog is LDS Handouts. If I don't have something posted that you would like, just let me know!


Deanna Munoz said...

SUCH A CUTE IDEA!!! You are so creative Mel.

Becky said...

Hey I am totally going to use these. Thanks, you could end up saving me a lot of time. What is your calling in YW?