Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

This weekend went by way too fast! We were so busy doing the Easter things, but it was so much fun. The kiddos got to do 2 egg hunts-one Saturday at the Blads and one yesterday at my parents. They had candy, sugar, candy, and sugar and went crazy! They loved spending time with their cousins.

This year I really felt rushed and didn't focus on what Easter really means. Things were so crazy and busy. I am so grateful for the true meaning of Easter. I love my Savior and am eternally grateful for His sacrifice that He made for us. Because of the sacrifice and the Resurrection, I can live with my family forever, and that is the greatest of all gifts. I love my family very much and love spending time with them!


heidi said...

We had fun Sunday too. What, you didn't want to put the picture up of Parker crying as he came out the door. :) He is so funny.

Becky said...

Those are great pictures of the kids with all their festivities. I love Easter, but I totally hate the sugar high. It's good when they can run it all off with their cousins.